Ich als Umweltereignis
research residency

online installation & performance

installation & performance

© Eva Schmidhuber, ΒᾸΘΟΣII, Flutgraben Performances, Berlin, 2019

Performance at the Kunstfabrik Flugraben, Berlin, 2019.

“Far from the clichéd expressivity […] the individual movements of the dancers, their figurations and the choreographic dynamics reveal again and again details whose points of reference draw decidedly from the visual arts. […] Fouchier subtly weaves a stylistic thread into his piece […] in which bathos and pathos relate to each other and interpenetrate. Independently of, or precisely because of, all these possible references, the piece shows first and foremost […] one thing: dance, abstracting and dramatic at the same time. Narrating entirely from within and out of itself. Very well done !”
Steffen Gorgi – Leipziger Volkszeitung, 2016