Touch not touch

– Haptic Landscapes –

Touch not touch is a piece which stages various non-representational landscapes. Each of them, with its own times, reliefs, gravity centers and lines of tension, choreographs a space. Within the agitation and the movements of those spatial layouts each spectator reaches a singular understanding of them. Touch not touch is a piece that one watches with the body : through the empathy processes initiated by our mirror neurons, the witnessing of the touch activate our body awareness, and makes possible on the one hand the embodiment and on the other hand the questioning of the presence and of the role of our tactile sense within our rational thinking processes. To those two processes of embodiment and of questioning belongs different temporalities. In the piece time plays the role of a trigger and/or of a necessary suspension, and allow us to sense and observe our reactions and intentions toward a given object. The diverse bodies which appear in Touch not touch activate and problematize the question of touch in terms of presence and absence, remoteness and reachability, desire and rejection, sacred and taboo : How does my body react towards the possibility or the impossibility of the touch ? How does those corporeal reactions form my spatial perception ? Through which conscious and unconscious processes does my perception of the touchable and of the untouchable affect my rational choices ? By deconstructing our perceptional patterns, the piece invites us to reinvent the way we apprehend ourselves as relational beings.

Performances :
– June the 4th, 2017 : 3AM – Filaments and voids, Flutgraben, Berlin
– August the 9th, 2017 : Who’s next ? Open stage, Joints Adventure & Tanzwerkstatt Europa, Muffatwerk, Munich


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