24.-28.01.2022 : Profitraining, Leipzig. With 4fürTANZ e.V.

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Seeing, moving and being moved II – Interdisciplinary symposium (ENDE)
Crossed approaches of scientists and choreographic artists on the use of sight in dance.
Guest : Dr. Nicolás Araneda Hinrichs (Psycholinguistic), Tommaso Tosato (Neuroscience), Maike Hautz (Dance), Susanna Ylikoski (Dance), Charlie Fouchier (Dance)

Seeing, moving and being moved I – Dance symposium (ENDE)

Contemporary, floorwork and acrobatics, Workshop series

Perception, space and movement, Improvisation & performance workshops

sich verorten / sich beziehen, Dance & movement workshops

Momentum & Acrobatics in CI, Contact-Improvisation workshops

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