Contemporary dance, Floorwork and Acrobatics

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During the workshop we will learn a choreography in duo composed of elements of contemporary dance, floorwork, acrobatics and partnering.

We will use the basics of contemporary dance (grounding, breath, elasticity, suspension, spatial orientation, momentum …) to increase our space and body awareness within the movement. This attention to the physical and spatial dynamics of the movements allows us to use their momentum in the dance, and to find relaxation in the particular physical elements of the choreography.

We will approach the acrobatic elements of choreography by becoming aware of the bone structure of our body, as well as by understanding the movements of our centre of gravity in our bodies. Likewise, the attention to our spatial perception to the orientation of the choreographic elements in space will support the implementation of these elements.

In the second part of the workshop, this perception of space will enable us to spread the choreography and to dance it to two. This pair constellation opens interactivity and playfulness between the dancers, and will lead to a partnering sequence.

We will also address the partnering elements in an organic way. With grounding, suspension and breath, we will learn how to share the momentum of our movements with our partner. This dynamic connection of the bodies will enable us to understand the uplift as well as the dynamics of the movements of our center of gravity, and to perform them organically.

And although a detailed movement knowledge will underlie learning choreography, there will also be space for flying, diving, sweating and musicality by dancing  ! :)

Voices :
“The sequences of steps were very dynamic, but still with an inner peace mediated, which has created a great atmosphere.” The customer review has been automatically translated from German.
“The beginning with improvisation, which then went into the learning of consequences – a special for me but successful construction.”
“Everything we danced felt so wonderfully logical.”
“The single choreography later became a duet – that was exciting and has changed the dancing on many dimensions and added dimensions. A great way of working out! ”
“The course was certainly a challenge, but I was always well-guided and comfortable. Thank you!”
Paulina L.

“I really enjoyed the workshop and I learned a lot of new things. It was a new way for me to approach the contemporary dance. Working with a partner was exciting and it was amazing to see the results of how two people who have just met can dance so harmoniously together. I also found the atmosphere in the course very pleasant, which was created by the group exercises at the beginning. So immediately a harmonious community emerged and you had no more inhibitions. I would highly recommend the workshop and would have liked to have more time. ”
Hanne U