Ich als Umweltereignis

Art Residency, Installation and Performance

Direction: Charlie Fouchier
Installation: Maryna Ianina
Performance: Maike Hautz, Nils Ulber, Alina Walter
Sound design: Naroma

Production: Charlie Fouchier
Coproduction: 4fürTANZ e.V.
Partner: ars avantis e.V.

According to contemporary studies in neuroscience, consciousness takes place not only through neuronal processes in our brain, but through the interaction of the subject with its environment. According to this discovery, the individual can no longer be considered as a limited and independent entity, but only as an open place, where relationships take place.

Ich als Umweltereignis is both a performance, as well as an architectural installation consisting of mineral and organic elements. In this landscape, the objects and the bodies of the dancers and spectators are elements of a common environment. In this environment, the performing and dancing bodies shape the space. They draw lines of tension and relaxation between the bodies, inviting the viewers to perceive themselves in the interweaving of intentions that they spread in this rhizomic “being together”.

Saturady 30 October 2021 – 14:30 hrs
followed by a public exchange with the artists of the project.

Saturday 30 October 2021 – 19:30 hrs
followed by DJ set by Naroma until 22:00 hrs

Alte Handelsschule // Kunstquartier, Gießerstraße 75, 04229 Leipzig

Please send registrations for the event to: kontakt@4fuertanz.de
The 3G rule (recovered, vaccinated or tested) applies to attendance at the event.

Entry according to discretion and ability: 5-10€

© Charlie Fouchier, 2021 / All contents are under International License

© Pictures: Walther Le Kon