Seeing, moving and being moved

Over a week-end, four dance artists share crossing approaches on the way we use our eyes in and for dancing.

Planing Saturday, July 24 :
10:30 : Coming together/introduction
11-13 : Ali Schwarz
13-14:30 : Open space/Break
14:30-16:30 : Charlie Fouchier
Planing Sunday, July 25 :
10:30 : Coming together/introduction
11-13 : Susanna Ylikoski
13-14:30 : Open space/Break
14:30-16:30 : Maike Hautz

Ali Schwarz – Authentic movement & Performing resonance
I would like to share with you two movement and encounter formats that we use collectively to connect with each other.
Authentic Movement offers an experiential space that embodies the art of non-judgemental observation. We work in pairs, always alternating between one person moving and the other person observes. This is followed by a verbal exchange.
Performing Resonance offers an experiential space for the expression of an embodied resonance to something heard. Inspired by playback theatre, one person tells about themselves and the other person actively listens. Then the narration is translated into movement by the person who has been listening and shown to the group as a short impro.

Charlie Fouchier – Embodying the three dimensionality of the space
I will propose a dance practice connecting various components of our perception : inner body sensations, visual body perception, space perception and space representation. Using the inertia of our body states will allow us to increase our awareness of those different components. Through this practice we want to reach a better embodiment of the three-dimensionality of our environment, making us able to enter more bodily-rooted interactions while dancing together.

Susanna Ylikoski – Empathy in Movement
When moving from an empathic starting point and in relation to our environment, how does our body make decisions to animate itself? What affects us? What makes us orientate the way we do? How can we expose the body and its environments dynamic interrelationship and resonance?
By training our ability to follow both the directionality and the dynamic nature of our sensorial information, this somatic practice enables us to study how our body makes decisions in its environment.
The movement is approached through our sensorial information: perceived sensations, emotions, motions, thoughts, images, rhythms, and directions, in relation to space and other bodies. By surrendering to this information, shifts, changes, residues, growths, erasures, etc. occurs. This focus on bodily processes with a simultaneous focus on the spatial information creates a bridge to a third focus at their meeting point: an alternative reading of a situation is opened.

Maike Hautz – The togetherness as bodies in space
The focus of the unit is on the perception of the common as a body in space. We practice to grasp holistically our own anatomical body as well as the bodies of others in their environment. What impulses arise from the nature of the other for my own dynamics? How can I support a position, a dance, and how can I myself experience support? In partner and group work we will try out to pick up dynamics attentively, to give space to others and to create space for ourselves. Always keeping in mind not to lose what we have in common.

Practical information:
Participation is on donation basis.
Registration mandatory at:
It is possible to attend only some of the sessions. Please mention it when you register.
Language : German and/or English, as required.
Venue : Leipzig Plagwitz

The Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance of June 22, 2021 applies.
Participants must keep a distance of 1.5 m. Regular ventilation of the room.
Participants are asked to leave their contact details or to register over the Corona-Warn-App.

About the artists:

Ali Schwartz works with systemic body therapy ( and dance as an emancipatory practice in Leipzig. She is engaged in how queer feminism and systems theory can be embodied to create spaces for empowerment and solidarity. She is part of the queer mixed-abled collective Polymora Inc. (

Susanna Ylikoski is a dance artist and author. She graduated from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and is currently working as a freelancer in Europe, collaborating with independent choreographers, dance companies, musicians, visual artists, and dance collectives. As an artist she advocates for collaborative and situation specific art, and is interested in alternative ways of co-existence, empathy, and that which is unmeasurable. She is part of the Berlin based nein9 kollektiv (

Maike Hautz works as a freelance musician and artist with a focus on dance and performance. Her artistic work explores group dynamic processes, perceptual methodology and showing as practice.

After a philosophy Bachelor Charlie Fouchier completed a choreography education at the CNDC in Angers, France. Since 2009 he works as a dancer, as well as leading several performance projects and workshops throughout Europe. Since 2018 he his member of the 4fürTanz association, and since 2019 dance pedagogue at the Leipzig Dance Theater. See also