Perceiving and moving

Research cycle around dance, improvisation and being together.

This research cycle consists in an exploration of our perception in movement. Starting from an analysis and an exercising of our ability to perceive space in three dimensions, we will explore the links between our emotions on the one hand, and the position and movements of our body in space on the other.
This exploration will take place in relation to the presence of the other’s gaze: What does it feel to be seen doing this or that movement ? That such or such a part of my body is seen ? What does it feel to place myself in such or such a way in space in relation to my exploration partner? Etc. This double approach to movement, from our three-dimensional perception of space on the one hand, and through the gaze and co-presence of others on the other, will allow us to explore states of exposure and of openness to the other within the movement. By opening my space to the presence of others, I give myself the possibility to exist for them.
This approach gives a touchability to the body in the dance, and places us in states of porous presence to the presence of the other. From these states we can envisage a new way of improvising together, by being both actor and receiver of our environment, through moving and being moved at the same time. We then perceive our movements and our dance no longer as the mere expression of our desires, but as they are creating and transforming the relationships between us.